The Band

Dan O'Connell– Dave Grohl

Russ  Weller– Taylor Hawkins

Nath Peach - Chris Shiflett

Connor Croxford - Nate Mendel

Jim Freeman - Rami Jaffee
Hailing from the Midlands, Foo Fighters GB have been going for 8 years with a number of different line up changes. 


As a band, we chose to move away from trying to look like the real thing, and instead aim to sound as authentic as possible,right down to the instruments we play and the equipment we use. 


Our very own Dave Grohl, Dan O’Connell, uses a Gibson DG335 through a Vox AC30, to provide that classic Grohl sound. 


Lead guitarist Nathan Peach boasts that huge Mesa Boogie sound, paired with a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster. If you closed your eyes, you’d believe it was Chris Shiflett himself!.


Holding down the low end on bass is Connor Croxford with his Fender P Bass and Ashdown ABM 500 Evo II combo. 


Hiding behind the Gretch USA Custom Pink kit, Russ Weller. He holds one of only two of these kits in the whole world. The other being Taylor Hawkins. Along with his Gretch USA Custom Bell Brass snare and A Custom Zildjian cymbals, you won’t find a Foo Fighters tribute with drums that sound as close to the real thing as this!


And who could forget our very only keys player, Jim Freeman, on his Nord Electro D6. The addition of the keys adds another layer to the live performance which you don’t get with other Foo Fighters tributes. 


With the experience of playing many different venues and festivals over the years, and the sound that we create, the only way you’d be able to hear a more authentic sound is if you saw the real Foo Fighters!